Kylee Shields

"Kylee was very helpful to our family after my son died by suicide in Sept 2016. After the funeral, we sat as a family with Kylee and she was very comfortable with us in our grief. Then we opened it up to our extended family and she was part of that circle and facilitated that. It was very beneficial to have her skills in our deepest grief and she knows how to sit with people in pain. We were grateful for her kindness and caring heart in this most tragic circumstance, she would be an asset wherever she would work. Kylee brings many abilities and emotional maturity beyond her years, along with being a bright light of positivity!" 

/ Nancy Honka (therapy) /


"To this day I remain so appreciative for all that Kylee has helped me with and to work through...She was an inspiration to me during such an important time in my life.  I know she will continue to change lives!"

/ Satisfied adolescent Client /


"As a fellow colleague, I have had the good fortune of having a front row seat in watching Kylee Shields perform as a therapist. In watching her use her clinical abilities it is clear that she values, the most valuable of all skills, which is to relate with unconditional positive regard for her clients in a way that shows them she is walking beside them on their life's journey.  She does this with a compassionaet manner and strong desire to truly seek to comprehend what her clients are going through. Kylee then has a talented strategy to working with them in moving past obstacles that they are encountering. She does all this with a blend of evidence based techniques and helping her client's to figure out how they can best incorporate them. Kylee also brings into the therapeutic setting a wamr smile accompanied with finding the appropriate times to have lighthearted moments of laughter."

/  Stuart Gustafson (therapy)  /


"Our son completed his senior year of high school at the Therapeutic Boarding School where Kylee was a counselor. She was the perfect person to draw our son out, get him to identify and talk about his feelings, and hold him accountable. He has since said that he learned a lot working with Kylee and that he would have learned even more if he had been willing and not so resistant. He has struggled with substance abuse, and Kylee started him on the path that led to him choosing to become sober and to enroll in college, where he is currently doing very well. We are grateful to Kylee for her patience, persistence, and counseling skills! "

/ Terri & George harris (Satisfied Parents) (Therapy) /



"Kylee is a phenomenal presenter and public speaker. She's mastered the craft of making complex ideas and insights and simplifying them for her audience. I have attended several conferences where she has presented to very large audiences. Every time she left me with many...'wow, I never looked at it that way before' moments. Kylee has a way of getting to the core concepts quickly and bringing her audience along for the ride. She has the gift of presenting with charisma and charm and yet inviting others with down-t0-earth demeanor. She has real world wisdom and knowledge and she is great at sharing it!"

/  Josh Searle (Public speaking) /