5 Tips To Help Things Go Right During The Holidays

You may have snow on the ground or twinkling lights wrapped around palm trees but no matter the weather the holidays are just around the corner filled with excitement and chaos.  So, whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Boxing Day, or Kwanzaa there are a few things to keep in mind to help things go right at home during the holidays.

1. Healthy Communication: 

No matter how much you have grown up, learned from your mistakes, started a career, etc. it seems that when we go home we fall right back into the roles we played when we were young children. Remember to speak kindness. Remember that your opinion does matter BUT not more than anyone else's. Remember that you have limited time to be together with your friends and family so it's important that they know how you feel about them. Clear, concise communication can go a long way to helping things go right over the holidays.

2. Make A Plan:

Often problems happen over the Holiday Break because expectations or plans are not met. One person is expecting the Holiday Break to be relaxing and they plan to stay up late and sleep in while another family member has plans packed every day from sunup to sundown. Making a tentative schedule of how the days are going to run will help everyone adjust their expectations. In this way, family members can plan what parts of the schedule they want to attend and where they want to do their own thing. If there are activities planned where everyone is needed (eg. family pictures) then planning those events well in advance and communicating the details clearly to everyone will be important.

3. Create or Keep Family Traditions:

If you already have some holiday family traditions be sure to make them happen. These family traditions are the things that make lasting memories and create spaces for great conversation and connection. Creating new family traditions can be fun and exciting. When creating traditions be sure include everyone and delegate responsibilities so that each person is connected and bringing something to the table. Take lots of pictures. Make lots of memories. When you have family traditions you have something to anticipate and something that brings everyone together.

4. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff:

The holidays bring with them lots of emotions. The more people you bring together the more emotions you pack into that space. Keeping this in mind it is very important to let things go. Put on a teflon demeanor and let things slide off of you. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Steer conversations in the way you want them to go rather than being disappointed in the direction someone else is taking it.  Remember that the Holiday Break is a short time period and focusing on the big picture and what really matters will help put things into perspective.

5. LOVE is spelled TIME

Remember that time spent together is more important than things to do or gifts to get. Creating "kodak moments" during the holidays are what memories are made of and where healing begins. If ever there was a time to get outside yourself and show up for others it would be with family over the Holiday Break.