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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I am Exactly Where I am

I have faith that God loves me and knows me.
I'm working on the trust thing

I create my pathway and leave in my wake
the consequences of my choices

I am not defined by my religion or the labels people give me
but it is up to me how I represent myself

I am enough, whole, complete

We are more alike than we are different
but we have to let go of the boxes we carry

It not just love the wins but kindness, empathy, listening
and our humanity will always triumph over our hate

Please choose to foster the ground where I'm growing
rather than pick my petals

I'll do my best to sing you lullabies
and hold your hand when you are breaking apart

you are enough, whole, complete

In many ways I'm naive and that's okay
But I have listened to and shared sacred spaces of unspeakable pain

Many birds with broken wings have found refuge
in the safety of my heart

There are very few things that matter more

So if you let me I will shine a light on your becoming
in a way that you cannot hide or downplay

I will shout about the marks you are making on the world
so that it reverberates and makes micro cracks on their souls

I am exactly where I am
and that is more than enough


  1. "Many birds with broken wings have found refuge
    in the safety of my heart"

    Yes! May we be forever harbors for the lost dinghy, and instruments of updraft for the feathered ones who have forgotten their lightness...

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for being where you are and who you are. And being my friend.