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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Together We Are Better

Don't mistake my silence for indifference
Grief is messy and there is no right way to mourn
When people we love and may not even know are killed
We, as humans, can't help feel hurt, betrayed, and torn

You may lash out in anger and I may be silent
That doesn't mean we both don't feel fear
You may try to find a reason or a cause
While I may just hold my loved ones near

People are people are people are people
And Love is love is love is love
Don't throw me into your "us against them"
Anger betrays  you when push comes to shove

My religious beliefs are not your concern
How I choose to live them however, affects all
And making any tragedy all about you
Is one of man's greatest downfalls

I may not sign a petition or march in a parade
But don't think for a moment I don't care
Together in love we are better and stronger
I have faith in good people out there

To REMEMBER Orlando, Newton, Boston
Fort Hood, Aurora, Killeen, Sandy Hook
Colorado, South Carolina, and so many more
Is something history can't overlook

So with heavy hearts and pleading souls
We each struggle to find our way
Remember the way you choose to grieve
May be different then me some days

I imagine there are things in which we agree
And therein lies our greatest power
To focus what we have in common for good
Line upon line and hour by hour

So fight the good fight however you choose
That allows me to do things my way
And hopefully we'll come together as one
At the end of these difficult days

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