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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lions, and Horses, and Babies....Oh My!

I  keep seeing posts about how people should worry about "more important things" than #cecilthelion and #wildhorses in the Tonto National Forest. People are saying that everyone should be more in an uproar about starving children, babies being aborted, and human trafficking.

I am a freaking social worker/therapist who has a special interest in incredible groups like Fight the New Drug​ and Operation Underground Railroad​. I am very interested and passionate about diverse subject. I also happened to be a Wilderness Programs​ Therapist in the Tonto National Forest for 3 years and I LOVED every moment I got to see the wild horses run free. So I posted about how I think they should remain where they are and free.

The great thing about life and the big world wide web is that everyone can raise a voice to whatever cause they want to with as much passion as they can muster. If you are outraged by the killing of a lion or how a certain organization is treating unborn fetus' then you get rant & rave all over social media about it.

"Comparison is the thief of joy"

Comparing one cause or event over the other--and condemning people for not choosing your cause it just stupid. There are  plenty of grievous things happening in our society to go around. So let those who are grieving Cecil-grieve. Let those who worried about what is happening at Planned Parenthood do their thing and let me be worried about the wild horses I love so much in Arizona.

If you want more people to raise money for human trafficking then get out there and raise your awareness, raise money, and be a voice that will be heard. If you are appalled at what is happening at Planned Parenting then stop blaming people who are concerned about other things and get out there and vote, sign the petitions, etc. There is a lot of good to be done and change that needs to happen.

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