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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My 2 Week Relationship

Dear Eric At Verizon,

In the past 2 weeks we've been doing this back and forth dance and I've learned a few things. I figured I'd share them with you so you can improve your next relationship.

1. The first time we met you put on a good ruse with your kindness and walking me to the door when we were done. However, you tried too hard.  Me saying no to the first 3 additional items you were trying to sell me should have given you a clue to stop. Don't make a girl actually say, "I'm not interested"

2.You don't get to be disappointing and needy. You have to choose one.  When you make a mistake and disappoint a girl you don't then get to be all needy and ask her to come over multiple times to your office. Figure it out and fix the problem. Take accountability.

3. We have a serious problem when I see you, and have more face-to-face conversations, than the guy I was wanting to date or my roommates or my BFF. (Eric you are married...)

4. While people must like you (Each time I waited to speak with you for a minimum of 30 minutes behind at least 3 other people wanting to speak specifically to you) you are completely incompetent—time and time again.

5. Calling me purposely during working hours to leave nonsensical voice messages trying to shift blame is reserved for my Land Lord. Again stop.the.madness. Fix the Problem.

6. You knew it was over just by looking at me. You knew you blew it big time when the first words you say to me after having me wait for a 1/2 hour are, "I can see you're over it?" Yes. I am over it. We are done. Go speak to your Mom---err Manager to actually FIX THE MESS YOU CREATED.

Eric it was you—not me that ended the good thing we had going on day one.

Future Sprint Customer,
                         Kylee Shields

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