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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Good Music Matters

I know that "people" say that sex sells but I believe (and the proof is in the charts and all over the media) that GOOD MUSIC MATTERS!!

I thought I would back up my feelings and knowledge with some proof! Currently the #1 song on the Billboard Charts is "All of Me" by John Legend.  "All of Me" is a beautiful, clean, simple, love song. Below is my sister & friend's version of this amazing song.

When "All of Me" become #1 it kicked out "Happy" by Parrell Williams that stayed at #1 for 10 weeks In honor of Williams' latest achievement – "Happy" has already become the first song to top as many as six (currently produced) single-format airplay charts.

The song "Brave" by Sara Bareilles has been listed for 139 weeks in 8 different charts. Its first appearance was week 19/2013 in the US Singles Top 100 and Canada Singles Top 100 and the last appearance was week 22/2014 in theAustralia Singles Top 50. Its peak position was number 3, on the Australia Singles Top 50, it stayed there for 1 week.

"Brave" is just one example of them incredible talent of Sara Bareilles. She is one of the few artists that I buy her entire album, no questions asked, no previous listening needed, the day it is released. She is crazy good with her lyrics and most of her music is clean and inspiring (her language however, is an entirely different story).

One of my favorite bands is "A Great Big World"who are most famous for their song, "Say Something" that was sung on "The Voice" with Christina Aguilera. The song has been listed for 350 weeks in 20 different charts. This band speaks to me in a very real, honest, vulnerable way. I love how they not only write from the heart but perform so authentically that you feel like they could be your best friends singing in your living room or garage.

Even here in my backyard in Provo, UT the goodness of great music is being spread across the globe. BYU's Vocal Point sings a "Newsies Medley" with 85 other dance students in a one-shot music video and it's featured in Buzzfeed as well as other places. Currently, this video has been viewed by 169,863 people!

I believe that  people want to hear good music. I think we long for the days of Mile Davis, Frank Sinatra, and so many brilliantly talented artists that brought the world wholesome and inspiring music.  I look forward to more great music being composed and shared with the world.

I would love to hear what you think--and welcome any rebuttals

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  1. Yes to good music! I hate it when I get into my car and go through six different stations before just turning off the radio, all because the music playing is crude and offensive. Thanks for this post!