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Friday, March 14, 2014

What's New With The INSPIRE: Youth (15-18) Performing Group??

After successful audition in January INSPIRE: Youth has been off to wicked awesome start! I am the Co-Music Director of the (15-18) year old group. Michael Sackett & I have a blast working with these kids. I thought I would share a few pictures of what we've been up to lately!

We rehearse in one of the rooms at the Dance Unlimited studios and we are grateful to have graduated from in a home to a bigger space. We look forward to having our OWN space to rehears in the near future!
Happy Birthday McKaylee!! INSPIRE Love You!!

For our first public performance this season we were invited by "Let's Do Something" (LDS) to sing at Leisure World. It was a little soon to perform publicly so the kids used their music and did a great job!
Let's Do Something (LDS) Invited INSPIRE: Youth to Perform at Leisure World

Hey Guys... You Look Nervous...

INSPIRE: Youth's (15-18) First Public Performance This Season  

Sometimes You Have to Get Creative to Amuse (Make Them Smile) Teenage Performers

Two Very Happy Musical Directors—Michael Sackett & Kylee Shields Doing What They Love

As part of INSPIRE: Youth we want to provide the kids with workshops that will help them become better singers, performers, and build character and discipline. We love having guests come and teach the kids about their skills, experience, and how they have used music to benefit their lives!
Raelynn Riggs Giving a "Disney Land Performer" Workshop

INSPIRE: Youth and INSPIRE: music.service.hope have some really exciting things coming up in the future so I hope you stay tuned and can attend our BIG BENEFIT CONCERT on May 3, 2014 7-9pm at Highland High School. It's only $10 and there are going to be some incredible performances!!

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