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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tinder Lovin' Care

As someone who despised the idea of Tinder when I first heard about it I just had to write a post not only about why I use it but why I endorse here. Here are 5 things I LOVE about Tinder:

Validation: At first when  I heard about Tinder I thought is was just another Hot or Not (and it is) and I wanted nothing to do with something so superficial but then I tried it out for a little bit. I was amazed at how validating it was for me. Here I was "liking" these really hot (to me) guys and they were "liking" me back. It was awesome.

In my regular life I am lacking (who can relate) aesthetic validation from men—and certainly from men I find very attractive. So, you can image how great it feels to have some attractive dude think I'm attractive (w/o any awkwardness or hassle—drama free!!)

Low Maintenance: The App is free. Download it. Create your Profile (from FB). Start using. It's that simple. Also, I can just Tinder whenever I have some downtime or I'm in the mood for a good laugh.

Simple Filters: I really like that the 2 main things you can see about someone (via FB) is your mutual friends and interests. Friends and interests tell a lot about a person. **Bonus for me is that if some guy has 116 mutual friends with me he is most likely Mormon so that helps if I'm looking for Mormon dudes (since there is not filter for that)**

Entertainment: There seems to be waves of what pictures go up on Tinder. Right now it's all about dudes and their dogs. A while back it was dudes and drinking. There was dudes and their shirts off. Oh, and don't forget dudes and their adventures (hiking, skiing, traveling, etc.). Some of the profile pictures are just hilarious!  It never fails to make me laugh out loud if I stay on long enough.

Potential Dates: I'm just barely entering this phase of Tinder. For the longest time I just "liked" people and got matched but I never "talked" to them. Once I did I got some pretty awesome/vulgar comments. So now I'm somewhere navigating the actual potential of going out with someone I "met" on Tinder. I here it is a great dating tool in other places.

Don't get me wrong there are plenty of things I don't like about Tinder but for what it's worth if you are lacking any of the above I say get the app already! The thing about Tinder is the more the merrier!

Tell me what you think about Tinder??

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