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Saturday, February 8, 2014

FTND's New FORTIFY Program

“I am 18 and I struggle with porn. All my life I have struggled with it and looked it up and you know what happens next. life is crap. I can’t look at my friends without thinking what I could do to them sexually. I know I’m not that kind of person. I struggle with it every hour of the day, everyday. I think I am getting erectile dysfunction and it’s not something I’m proud of. I know my life might not change and it might get worse. But whoever is reading this, just HEAR ME OUT: Porn will destroy your friendships, relationships, and your body. I'm living proof of it.” –Nathaniel, age 18

What is  the Fortify Program?

Fortify was specifically designed to help individuals (particularly young people) struggling with pornography eventually reach long-lasting freedom. It’s been three years in the making and it will be available on February 10th! Consider it our Valentine to the world as we fight for REAL LOVE! In this program you will find the tools, education, and resources necessary to help you or someone you love overcome this problem.

Fortify is a self-guided, education program that teaches users about how pornography harms their brains, emotions, and relationships and why it can be so hard at times to quit viewing porn. The program also helps users understand their porn viewing habits and teaches them to identify their triggers and change their patterns of use.  
“When I was 10 years old, I had access to computers that’s what we would do all day... just surf the web as we please...before you knew it I was watching porn on the daily. … [T]he more that time goes on the stronger the pull. It now feels that I am trapped. I've been a fighter for two years, but right now I'm losing the battle. I'm hoping this program will help me win<3.” –Female, 17
What made Fight the New Drug create the Fortify Program?

Fight the New Drug is a grassroots organization whose main goal is to raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography use. As we have traveled across the country spreading the movement, we have been overwhelmed with the sheer volume of students that approached us after assemblies, events, and reaching out to us through emails and social media telling us about their struggles with porn and they needed help stopping but had nowhere to turn. So… we made the Fortify Program!
“I have been exposed to pornography for almost a year now, every time I access the internet I am more than likely to access pornography, its not that type of situation which I can talk to someone with, I am 16 years old and currently residing in the U.K, this disease has changed my perception, my career and most of all my life.” – Mohammed, age 16
Why do you offer this amazing service for free for teens? How are you able to do this?

Fight the New Drug knows that pornography addiction is real and it is a problem that is growing among young people all over the world. We have even received emails from kids as young as 8 years old asking for help!!! Young people between the ages of 13-20 will have free access to the Fortify Program thanks to the generous donations of others. Anyone else 21 years of age or older can still get access to an adult version of the program through a minimum sponsorship of one teenager (value $39). Of course, for those who are able, we gladly accept additional sponsorships. Bottom line, it has to be free for teens. Most teens don’t have access to money, let alone a credit card. 

There also exists a feeling of shame and disconnection between young people and the adults around them. Overwhelmingly, we hear that there is no where to go, no one to turn to for help. Fortify will be the step that leads them to incorporating others into their recovery process. 
“Hello, I’m Chris since I was 13 (I’m 16 and a half now) [porn] has ruined my entire life to the max. I knew life wasn’t supposed to feel like this but didn’t know that pornography was making my life hell. It gave me severe social anxiety that I can’t bear anymore.” –Chris, age 16

Fortify Home Page Video from Fight the New Drug on Vimeo.
The Fortify Program at a glance:
  • 52 Video-Based Lessons
  • Personalized Battle Tracker Calendar
  • Personalized Battle Strategies
  • Prompted Journal Responses
  • Addiction Vulnerability Assessments
  • Numerous Strategies on How to Overcome an Addiction to Pornography
  • Encouragement Emails/Reminders

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