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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Unspeakable Things

There are these moments in time when I am sitting listening to someone and I realize they are about to or are telling me unspeakable things of their heart. Usually, they cry, or make excuses for their almost tears. People find it so awkward or uncomfortable being raw and honest. Most of the time they throw out a caveat before they let go of their deep pain/secret(s.) I consider these moments sacred.

It is never easy to sit in those moments. Pain, anguish, heartache, loss, betrayal, shame, addiction, etc. are such heavy burdens to carry. Often they consume the hearts of those who can't speak. When someone shares unspeakable things with someone else it is almost impossible to know how to react. And so I usually sit in gratitude. I am grateful, for whatever reason, they felt safe enough to share their unspeakable things with me.

I have listened as friends have told me of their addictions, child's sudden death, their desires to end their own life, the hope that one day they will actually feel happy—secrets they were either ashamed or not allowed to share with their family, and so much more. There have been so many moments...

In those moments I felt relief for them as they spoke anger to God, whispered heartache they felt they couldn't share with others, and admitted shame they thought they would never be able to speak. As a result of sharing their unspeakable things I've seen people take needed and healthy steps forward. For some it is to let go and for others it is to cling to what they know.

I am not one to trust very many people with my unspeakable things. A few times when I've tried it ended in disaster. However, I keep trying.  Every now and again my unspeakable things have landed on safe ears and hearts. I am truly grateful for those who are willing to listen.

This post isn't about people burdens, their choices, or their circumstances. It is about people finding places or other people where they can speak their unspeakable things. I hope wherever you are when you read this post that you have someone in your life that you can share your unspeakable things. I also hope that you are or can become someone who can listen and be with someone when they are ready to share. Those moments, either way, will change your life forever!

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