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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


First of all I don't understand why anyone under the age of 28 would ever do online dating??

Secondly, Here are some of my thoughts—good and bad about the online world of dating.

Thirdly,  Don't get bothered by anything I post here—just laugh about it! :)

Fourthly (is that a word?), I am going to be a little judgie in this post— If you can't handle the truth please skip this post!

The Good

--You can check out people in your area while in your pjs, during boring moments in your life, and  in your own time.
--If you want a good laugh just read people's profiles—hilarious.
--If you are over the age of 28 (see note above) and people are wondering why you are still single they tend to leave you alone when they know you are at least "trying" the online dating scene.
--Most online dating sites nowadays (E Harmony,, etc.) have a filter for religion. This helps if you are Mormon and looking to only date other Mormons or Catholic looking to date other Christians, etc.
--Some people do actually meet & get married through online dating.
--The profile blurb section is really helpful to weed out people.
--Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Current pictures in a few different settings really helps.

The Bad

--Online dating is basically Tinder (Hot or Not) with a little more information. 
--Dating is all about attraction so people PLEASE put up your most attractive pictures of yourself and in the same year you are trying to date people. I don't want to see what you looked like on your mission if you are now 35.
--Why anyone would lie online baffles me. At some point you want to actually meet and date someone from online so you will have to show up and talk with them. If what you write and what you live doesn't match up....seriously stupid.
--People—I understand not everyone is a good writer but the profile blurby section is for you to attract someone to you. It is there for someone to read about your life and for them to be interested enough to drop you a line. If you can't figure out how to represent yourself appropriately then please find a friend or someone to write your blurb for you.
--Sometimes the matching/filter/test program thingy that matches up people has such high walls that it takes FOREVER to actually have any kind of conversation with another person.
--Online dating still has a negative stigma.

The Ugly

--Whoever invented the flirty, poke, caged phrases you send to someone if you are "interested in them" should be shot. NO ONE likes these things.
--If you are old enough to be my dad I don't find your "flirty" messages romantic I find them creepy.
--People ask me what I think about online dating, I've dabbled in a few different sites, so I can honestly tell them that I don't really like it. Why? Mostly, b/c in my real life I am interested in guys who aren't interested in me and guys are interested in me that I'm not interested in. This is only AMPLIFIED online when it comes to dating. Why anyone wants to live their not-so-great dating life in real time and then repeat that online is beyond me!
--If I reject your advances online, for whatever reason, it doesn't help your case to write me and tell me things like, "you aren't getting any younger" or " can you really afford to pass me up?" This is not the way to woo me.
I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, experience, etc. with online dating??

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  1. I met my man on - and those "ugly" catch phrases are perfect for us folks that aren't good with words.... anyway, still happily married and it's been 12 years - and 4 kids later - :)