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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dear Single Men

Dear Single Men,

Don't worry so much about planning the perfect date
Chances are I didn't go out with you b/c of your plans
No matter what happens I will say thank you

If you give me an opportunity I will help you get my number
I will try to not always be in a gaggle of girls
But even if I am—be brave

When you finally get up the nerve to ask me out
I will do my best to be honest
If I say yes I will be ready and on time

If you ask me out again and I'm not interested
I'll find a way to say no—instead making of excuses
And sometimes, it's not about you, it's about me

Remember being a gentleman never goes out of style
I will try much harder to let you open the doors for me
And not downplay my strengths

It's okay if you take a break from dating now and again
It can be exhausting and expensive
In life there is no prize for serial dating

If you try not to judge my brains by my body
I will try not to judge your heart by your wallet
And we'll be happier

Challenge me and you might be surprised
I'll try to steer clear of the boring questions
ambiance, ambiance, ambiance

Take me somewhere where we can talk
But just long enough for me to want to know more
I promise I will listen

If you want to date my roommate
Be honest and upfront
I make a wicked awesome wingman

I will try not to count calories
If you won't talk about your WOD
And we can discover each other's passions

If you see me smiling a lot and genuinely laughing
I am having a great time
This is a good thing

Please walk me to the door
Help me to know if you are still interested
I will be gracious

    Single Ladies

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