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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Love to Read and Review Books : Make It Happen Blog Tour

Here is the 2nd stop on the Book Blog Tour: 

My Review By Shauna Wheelwright
This book may have been specifically written for a single person...
But...I learned SO MUCH about ME and MY LIFE even though I am married!

I learned about being in HEALTHY relationships, taking charge of my LIFE instead of just going with the flow, how to set GOALS, how to change it up to get more VARIETY in life, how to turn off technology to be more PRESENT in the moment, how to truly STUDY the scriptures and have more MEANINGFUL prayer, and how to GROW where I am planted.

I LOVED Kylee's stories from her life and the things she has gone through and how she has grown because of them. I APPRECIATED how candid she was as she shared many personal feelings.

This book really touched my heart!
I think EVERYONE needs to read this book!

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