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Monday, January 21, 2013

Geo Librarian: Book Review & Author Interview

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Heidi did a Book Review & Author Interview


As an LDS single I was very interested in reading this book. Not that I'm not happy in my life, but that there is always room for improvement and it's always nice to relate to others like myself.  I found much of value in this book.  I enjoyed the personal experiences Kylee used to make her points and I appreciated the great advice she has for those who like her are members of the LDS faith and still unmarried.  For those who are unaware, marriage and family are an important part of the LDS (Mormon) faith.  However, as Kylee points out, God loves all of his children equally and everyone, single or married has a place in the church.

 I cheered when she pointed out that just because things haven't worked out the way one might want, doesn't mean that one can't be happy. I liked the title and it's implication that happiness is something that can be actively sought and found regardless of one's marital status.  She talks about many things including dating, setting and achieving goals, healthy relationships, and ways to handle adversity. While specially directed to LDS singles, the things Shields talks about relate to anyone, religious or not. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy inspirational nonfiction, or stories about an individual's life journey.


What is the "story behind the story?"   

haha this book is my story. What you read is me. the other day a friend of mine I haven’t seen or talked to in a LONG time said, “When I was reading your book Kylee I felt like you were sitting there on the couch in my living room next to me.” That made me smile b/c I wanted my book to be approachable, honest, raw, and something that would inspire action of some kind. The story behind the story is a girl who is still trying my best to navigate the LDS singles scene, live the questions, and make it happen in my life.

What did you learn while writing the book?  

I learned a lot about patience, timing, about how some of the moments in my life were just for me and led me to where I am today. I learned that God is aware of me and what others might need to hear. I learned a lot about empathy, listening, editing, vulnerability, how to say a lot with a few words, how to get out of my way.  And I learned that God is deeply in the details!

What piece of advice that you give in the book do you think is the most important and why?  

It might just be a reflection of where I am currently in my life but the chapter that seems to resonate with me the most and that I seem to go to regularly when I get asked to share excerpts from my book is the chapter called, “Wolf’s Law” (Chapter 10 p.111) In that chapter is I talk about trials, being righteous in the dark, feeling after God—even, am most importantly—when we feel forsaken, and how to live the law of undulation.

What are you currently working on, writing-wise?  

I am currently working on a YA fiction novel about grief, love, friendships, family, bucket lists, redemption, hope, heartache, and how healing hurts.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do there? 

For some reason I have this tugging in my heart to go to Thailand. I want to ride on an elephant, wrap myself up in colorful silks, eat tons of Thai food, and left a love note in a random place where someone can find it years later.

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