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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So Many Exciting Things

Family & Friends

I have exciting things happening in my life and I would love your support! I recently wrote a book that was published by Walnut Springs Press (SLC, UT) called, “Make It Happen: A Guide To Happiness For LDS Singles.”  I would love it if you would read it, make comments, write reviews, if you like it—share it with others, give it as a gift to a friends,etc. I believe passionately in the principles of my book so I am sharing with you many different ways that you can get involved or share my book. I am excited to hear what you think!!!

You can now buy my book on I also have an Author Profile on where you can see any reviews I receive or make comments.

For 1 more day you can enter to win my book for Free.  I also have a Profile on Goodreads where you can read/write reviews.

My book, “Make It Happen: A Guide To Happiness For LDS Singles” will be on the bookshelves at Deseret Book any day. Please go buy one, ask about it at your local store, take a picture and send it to me if you see, and any other way you think you could support my book.

Stay tuned because starting on December 6, 2012 (same day as the Book Launch Party) I am going to kick off my Book Blog Tour. This means different blogs are going to be featuring my book, interviews, giveaways, etc. The best way to stay in the loop is to check out my book website (below).

I am having a big Book Launch Party  in Phoenix, AZ on December 6, 2012 @ The Duce. Come and celebrate with me, get a book & I'll sign it, or just come play!

Also I just finished my first Author Interview so stay tuned for that...

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