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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Who is Publishing Your Book??

People often ask who is publishing my book. I LOVE talking about my amazing publishing company. They are called Leatherwood Press but they have a few imprints under that name. My book is getting published under their LDS imprint Walnut Spring Press.

Leatherwood Press books are distributed by Deseret Book—they have a close relationship with them. They've got several upcoming books with Deseret Book, including a new edition of Wally Goddard's The Soft-Spoken Parent. 

Walnut Springs Press, is their LDS imprint.  Inkberry Press, is their Young Adult imprint and it is getting attention because of their Jane Austen Diaries, by Jenni James. The first book, Pride & Popularity, has doing incredibly well. Their national-market imprint, Silverleaf Press, has done some award-winning children's books, and published in many nonfiction categories such as gardening, cook books, self-improvement, etc. 

So if you are a writer (or reader) and want an amazing, friendly, kind, and awesome publisher please check out Leatherwood Press!

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  1. I have to agree 100% They have been fabulous to work with!