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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mormon Singles in the Media

Today I read 2 articles on Mormon Singles. One came from the Huffington Post and the other from the LDS church's Church Education System (CES) Devotionals. I thought I would share a few highlights from each. To read the entire articles please click on the links  below.

Highlights from the secular Huffington Post article, "Mormon Singles, LDS Singles Wards Rise as Members Delay Marriage":

Mormon scholars and independent Mormon groups estimate that up to one-third of the church's adult Americans are single, though church officials won't release their own count. Nevertheless, from their temple headquarters in Salt Lake City, the church's General Authorities -- considered living prophets -- have begun admonishing Mormons, instructing them to marry quickly. Mormon leaders have even redrawn the church map, establishing dozens of new age-restricted congregations around the nation, from Arizona to Washington, D.C., in order to facilitate marriage among singles.

"When I started in this position three years ago, we had 229 members. Today, we have 800," says Robert Norton, the bishop of the singles church Rinehart attends in Midvale. He estimates there are tens of thousands of more Mormon singles within his congregation's boundaries, which encompasses a third of Salt Lake County, who don't attend his congregation.

Highlights from the CES Devotion, "To the Singles of the Church":

Truth number one: The Lord loves us, He answers prayers, and, most importantly, He delights in blessing those who keep His commandments—but He does so in His own time and His own way. 

Truth number two: We are not saved in isolation.

Truth number three: Our responsibility is to become the best disciples of Christ we can become.

Truth number four: Learn to recognize the whisperings of the Holy Ghost in your life.

Truth number five: All singles should remain active members of the Church.

The author, Kristen Oaks, who got married at the age of 53, said,

Having faith doesn’t mean you will be filled with joy and conviction every moment. Having faith means you keep persisting and believing that the blessing and comfort lie ahead—and I testify to you they do. The Lord desires that we draw near to Him, and in His own time and His own way He will draw near to us.

What are your thoughts about Mormon Singles??

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