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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Do The Research & Ask Permission

So here I am fixing the edits from my Editor and going along tweaking references in my bibliography and in text.

To non-fiction authors out there. DO THE RESEARCH and make sure your quotes are all referenced and cited properly.

I only had to fix and add a few things and the research I did beforehand really saved me in the end.

Do the work. Be sure to give reference to any information you use.

As for getting permission to quote things I am amazed at how hard and easy it was to get permission for lyrics, quotes, etc.  In some ways the internet makes it easy to get permission from song writers and authors. In other ways, if someone is famous or very busy, the response time for them (or their people) to get back is often VERY long.

Do the work. Get permission to use others words, lyrics, etc.

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