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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Jelly Bean Experiment

There is chapter in my book called, "Purple Hair" where I talk about a situation that happened in my office in Boston having to do with jelly beans.  Well, my awesome roommate recently had friends bring my favorite candy (jelly beans) to fill a jar at my birthday.  So, since I already had the jelly beans I thought I would try to recreate the experience.

I brought my jellybean jar (see above) to work and just placed it on the filing cabinet. I didn't say anything. Over time people started coming to my office to get jelly beans. After about a week word had spread about the jelly bean jar and sure enough, all throughout the day, people come to take a jelly bean break.  I LOVE it!

To hear more about the original story....stay tuned for my book!

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