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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Query Letter

AAAAAHHH! So I am in the process of writing my non fiction query letter. I have decided on submitting my book manuscript to 2 main publishers. I did some research, networking, and got a little help to find specific names of people to send my manuscripts. So now that I know where and to whom I'm send it all I have to do is write the dang thing.

I can't tell you how many query letters I've read, how many tips on various blogs I've scoured, or how many times I have dreaded doing this part of the process. Writing a query letter is death. I have almost completed my first draft but it is honestly terrible!

I'm pretty sure I should have starting writing my query letter a long time ago but since I only have about a week I will do my best. I will post my query letter on here once I finish it and you can give me feedback or corrections.

Also I am looking for some sample non fiction query letters if you know of any great ones out there that led to their book being published. Please leave a comment.

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