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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Methods Of Operation

I have been writing for years and, like most writers, have really no method to my madness. I do have a few things I do consistently when it comes to my Method Of Operation (MOO) so I thought it only fair to share.
Meet Emerson.

Well, this is actually just a stock photo of my adored white MacBook with black keyboard cover. Emerson and I have gone through a LOT together. We both went to grad school together, wrote a book together, created this blog together, we continued to write on another blog together, and we have lots of music we listen to together. Sometimes Emerson and I sit down and watch a movie together or a TV episode on Hulu (okay we do that a lot more than sometimes—this is how I de-stress from my day job.) Other times Emerson and I go through amazing photos from adventures far away like in Africa or Israel.

Emerson is where I do most of my actual writing. I would like to say we go into cute little coffee shops or to the park or even to some quaint little nook of some old book store to write but I'd be lying. Most of the time Emerson and I are just working together on my desk in my room (see below). Boring, I know...we will work on that in the future.

I sort of have a problem with getting ideas and then writing them on whatever is near me. I don't think I'm alone in this frenzy. I often can be found writing ideas on napkins, receipts, random notebooks, my hand, and so forth. I have a ton of scribbled notebooks full of poems, ideas, and stories. Someday I think I will go through them but most likely I won't (sorry family if you end up doing that after I die).

Here are my MOO in my actual room. I put together that desk when I started grad school and it has lasted pretty well. There is Emerson—he is so cute just sitting there patiently waiting for me to come play.

If you notice I have two book shelves. The white book shelf (my best friend just dropped this off for me one day) is filled with books I have read and love as well as some trinkets from my travels. Oh, and did you notice my purple globe (courtesy of my roommate)? The shorter black book shelf is filled with ARC's and books to be read in the future. I got most of them from an ALA Conference in San Diego.

I bought the elephant bamboo plant for better chi in my room and the large calendar to plan out my often crazy life.

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about my MOO. I would love to hear from you about where you write, how you write, what inspires you to write, and so forth. If you have a blog and want to do a post about this just send me the link so I can see where and how you make magic happen in your life!

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  1. I always love seeing people's work spaces. It's just an inside peek into where they spend their time. I love that you have so many bookcases. My dream writing room will have bookcases covering every wall. Someday...

    Anyway, here's my room: