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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How Stories Are Born

I often wonder when I'm reading a book how the author came up with their book's concept. I think most authors are asked this question when given the chance. Some have great stories as to why or how they conceived their book and others don't. I remember hearing about how Stephenie Meyer had a dream and from that dream she created the Twilight Series. A dream...really??

As a writer I am always looking for new ideas, listening to what people are talking about, inventing their back stories, and so forth. I have a bunch of stories I started and then they ended up in the graveyard. I sometimes wonder if I'll get a dream, an epiphany, some kind of real life turned fiction story I happen upon, or if I will just have to hunker down and dig out stories from the graveyard and make them happen.

Today I sent a regular old text message to my best friend and right after I sent it I had this brilliant YA Fiction Novel epiphany!! It was really strange actually. I rushed home and wrote what would sort of be on the back of the novel (the hook) and then I started to write out the characters. It was a bit crazy how fast they each came to life...I am still trying to get their entire high school world from my brain to my laptop ( I LOVE WRITING!!)

This got me thinking about how other stories are born? I am curious how you form your ideas for your stories?

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  1. My most vivid story idea came to me while traveling. I was walking around the grounds of a very old property in England and I saw the climax of the story happen right there on the massive lawn. It was crazy. I've never had anything like that happen since, though. Usually it's just a "What if" that morphs into something that looks vaguely like a story.

    If you are interested, here's a post I did about the above experience:

    Thanks for sharing, Kylee. I love this blog!