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Monday, April 11, 2011

Crossing Lines

Title: Crossing Lines

Author: Paul Volponi

Genre: YA Fiction

Publisher: Viking (Penguin Group)

Paperback: 256 pgs.

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Adonis is a jock. He's on the football team and he's dating one of the prettiest girls in school. Alan is the new kid. He wears lipstick and joins the Fashion Club. Soon enough the football team is out to get him. Adonis is glad to go along with his teammates . . . until they come up with a dangerous plan to humiliate Alan. Now Adonis must decide whether he wants to be a guy who follows the herd or a man who does what's right.

From critically acclaimed author Paul Volponi comes this discussable and finely wrought story of bullies, victims, and the bystanders caught in between.

This book was a quick read. It is a simple story about a boy who is gay and testing his limits and a boy who is a football star and his limits are tested. I find Adonis to be real and I think Valponi does a great job. I wanted a bit more from all the other characters. I wanted to feel like they had lives beyond the pages of the book but instead was left feeling a bit empty. I did't really feel for Alan (Alana) either. So in the end I was left wanting.

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