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Monday, April 18, 2011

Broadway Dream Team

I know that I usually post about the writing process or a book review but a few nights ago as I was lying in bed just before I fell asleep this thought occurred. Mind you I was in that delirious state between being awake and being asleep. Find The Best isn’t just about books. It is about finding the best in everything. So I was lying there thinking about all my amazing talented friends who live all over the country. Next thing I know I'm putting together my Broadway Dream Team—sort of like people put together fantasy football teams.

There are all kinds of jobs and things that need to be done when putting on a Broadway Musical. I am sure I can only scratch the surface. The crazy thing is I have a ton of friends in this field and could just about, if given the right amount of money and perfect circumstances, put together one amazing Broadway Team.

Below are the people I choose for my BDT:


Natalie Hill

Jeff Stevens

Nicole Riding

Claybourne Elder

Annalece (Booth) Misiego

Molly (Bice) Jackson

Michael, Scott, Eric, & Megan Sackett

Jason Webb

Korianne (Orton) & Neil Johnson

Molly Hitchcox

Andrew McFadden

Chelsea Ashton

Marshall Glass

Angie (Boyle) King

Matthew Herrick

Bethany (Buck) Simmons

BreAnne (Folkman) Okoren

Bret Bryce

Cindy (Winkle) Thomas

Shoni Winkle

Tiffany (Winkle) Nutter

Emily Dunn

Forest Foster

James Mack

Kevin Goertzen

Rachel Woodward

Dan & Beth Duckwitz

Melissa Lindsey

Rance Wright

Rob Morffat

TJ Young

Summer Smart

Zach Wilson

Amberly Wilson

Jaremy Hill

Melinda (Lockwood) DeBirk

Peter Nelson

Stephanie Sutherland

Katie Winder

Valerie Larsen


Amy Honka (Flute)

Lincoln Wright (Piano)

Melissa Thorne (Piano)

Stephanie (Payne) Thomas (Piano)

Hunter Brady (Guitar)

Lisa Fraser (Guitar)

Daniel Wood (Guitar)

Josh Kelson (Drums)

Ryan Fleming (Drums)

Liz (Davis ) Maxfield (Cello)

Katie (Davis) Henderson (Violin)


Syd Riggs

Music Director(s)

Jenn Webb

Alan Sackett


Jake Black

Marie Criddle

Lyrics & Music

Scott Alan

Rob Gardner

Ross Boothe


Ben Tichy

Jason Celaya

Stag Managers

Megan Downey

Esther Hopkin


Brent Pritchett


Jason Graham

Jared Mooney

Stage Design

Alycesun Clare

Kristen Wood

Annie Geddicks


Carly Weggeland

Alycesun Clare

Deb Sackett

Hair & Makeup

Jodi Cantrell

Alycesun Clare

Andrea Bangerter

Julie Kaye (Crockett) Gardner

Techy Stuff

Doug Johnson


Brandon Flint

Timothy & Katasha Connor


Jodi Cantrell

Brian Henderson

Natalie Williams

David Johnson

Alex Dayton

Stephanie Zundel

Ali Brinkerhoff

Website & Print Design

Dani (Shields) Tvetan

Natalie Williams

I am SURE I have missed some important people so help me out. If you know me, my friends, and anything about the whole Broadway show thingy then leave a comment and give your input.

This was random post so thanks for bearing with me. I promise to get back to writing about books and stuff!

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