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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Single, So What?

I wrote a book!!

After a few years of gathering ideas and writing up a storm I have finally finished my first book! In the next few weeks I will begin the submission process. I will query and send my manuscript to publishers and hope they love what I've written. This also means I am preparing for the rejection process.

I was given the advice to create some interest in my book before I start submitting it to publishers. This way I can let them know that there is a market and demographic out there that is interested (and willing to pay—money speaks) in my book. So I decided to put together a Facebook Fan Page.

I am excited to go through this up coming process here on my blog. This process will be a little different because "Single, So What?" is a Non Fiction/Self Help book and not Fiction (what I usually write or review on here). So take what you want from the journey.

I would appreciate your support and suggestions along the way!

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