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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Reader's High

I have been taking a break from my writing project this past month. As a result I have been reading a LOT. It sort of feels like I am gorging myself with books. Maybe I'm catching up on two lost years (Grad School), maybe I'm trying to escape my "I can't figure out anything" life, or maybe I just love to read. Whatever it is I have discovered my reader's high.

I love to start a new book. I love the covers, I love the smell when I first open them, I love the idea of the book, and I love picking a time and place to start the book. What I am finding that I don't so much love is actually finishing a book. blah! Lately, book after book, after book that I start to read I end up putting down—usually to start another promising book.

Today I was asked what the book I'm reading is about and I didn't really know. I should probably know since I'm 78 pages into the book. I'm really trying to push through but struggling. I think part of my problem is that I am reading these books in short increments throughout the day and not in big chunks of time.

I am ready for to sink my teeth into a GREAT fiction novel! I am ready to stay up late, race home, take the book into the bathroom, and carry it around in my purse all day kind of a book. I am ready to get lost in an amazing story and want to tell everyone about this book. I am ready to fall in love again with the idea of meeting a new book, being excited to dive in, and closing the book having my perspective changed.

So please send me your suggestions and know that I will judge, I mean I will review your suggested book if I pick it to read. Meanwhile stay tuned for a few more upcoming reviews...

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  1. One of my favorites is The Thirteenth Tale. I did a What's Ashley Reading post about it here:

    I'm also a fan of the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes series (by Laurie R. King):

    Hope that helps!